John Boehner

This man has made a deal to save 29 Billion dollars over 10 years. 2.9 Billion a year when we are carrying 1.6 Trillion dollars deficit spending per year. This is a two tenths of one percent spending cut. It's a joke to talk about it and a bigger joke to brag about it.

Nancy Pelosi

Harry Reid
aka dingy Harry

This guy is following the Socialist Party line and plain wasting our money. He attacked opposition to Obama Care no matter if the opposition was valid and helped create a new American nightmare. The real deal is money and power corrupt this is the reason not to centralize social programs at the Federal level.

Mitch McConnell

This fool filibustered his own request for a vote. He may be right that we have the worst Senate Majority Leader ever, this from the worst Minority Leader ever. I think it's time our political leaders do what's right for our country. Senator McConnell if you can't balance the budget with cuts you'll have to come to a consensus on where to raise taxes.